While considering an Electrical Contractor for your next Commercial Electrical project, there are a couple of important things to consider; Stability and Dependability.With almost 60, successful, years in business and being Operated and Owned locally you can feel sure that job will be completed with minimal hang ups and with the quick response timing that you wouldn’t find with an out of state Contractor.

Beam Electric Company, Inc. offers a 24 hour Service line for minor and major emergencies, warranty work, and anything else to get you up and running again. We handle projects large and small from lighting the new “Bright Walk” sign at Charlotte’s newest residential subdivision, to the most unique of projects such as the new “Bank of the Urban League” which was recently featured on the local news for its originality.

Have a larger facility?  We can handle it, like the 256,000 square foot shell and upfit of the new American Tire Distributors in Charlotte. We also handle renovations and upgrades year long with UNCC and CPCC. Beam Electric is not limited to the extent of work that can be done, and will do what it takes to be sure the customer is satisfied with the appearance and functionality of the final product. Next time you have a project that can use electrical expertise, please consider us, Beam Electric Company, Inc.